Time Trials Tonight

Time Trials are tonight at the Heritage Lake Pool (the pool where we practice)!
Arrive at 5:15, Warm-ups at 5:30, Meet Starts at 6:00.

Be sure to wear your team suit. We will have your caps and team t-shirts ready to be picked up tonight. 

Your swimmer will have a number that will be written on their arm with a sharpie. We will give those numbers out tonight. They will keep that number all season.

Some things you can bring tonight…

  • Snacks (if needed, you can bring a light dinner for your child since the snack bar will be closed)
  • 2 towels (or more if needed!)
  • Backup goggles
  • Sharpie

If you are volunteering, please visit the “Volunteers” page for details about your role. If you are a Timer or Stroke & Turn Judge, please make sure your phone is fully charged since you will be using your phone for your volunteer position. Also, be sure to download the Swimmingly app from the app store. You will need this for your volunteer position.