The program fee is $100.00 for 1st swimmer, $100.00 for a 2nd swimmer, and $75 for each additional swimmer with an annual fee of $40.00 per family. Graduating seniors only pay the $40 family fee. This year we will have a new suit that can be tried on during the Parents Meetings and during the First Practice. Also, you are not required to have a Beta Team suit.

Registration fees cover:

  • T-shirt
  • Swim cap
  • Entry fees to all meets
  • Awards
  • End of year banquet celebration

Registration Policies

  • ALL Beta Swim Team families must be members of the Heritage Swim & Tennis Club.
  • ALL registrations must be submitted prior to the first practice date.
  • ALL Swim Team dues will be billed to your Heritage Account and must be paid no later than June 5th or your child will not be allowed to participate until account is current.
  • ALL 6 and under will be evaluated prior to the swim season. Participants must independently swim a minimum of one length of the pool, preferably freestyle. Any variation from this will make a child’s placement on the team dependent on the coach’s discretion. The Beta Swim Team coaches will evaluate all swimmers, both new and returning, in order to help determine the proper practice group for the swimmer. Practice groups are determined by swimming ability (i.e. knowledge of the 4 strokes, speed, and prior swimming experience) as well as the swimmer’s age.
  • Registration will not be accepted without signing up to volunteer. All registrants are required to volunteer a minimum of three times during the swim season. Please click the “Volunteers” tab to access our signup form.
  • 24 hour rule – There are times that parents may disagree or question a coaches decision regarding line-ups and relays. Parents agree to raise these questions the following day or via email and NOT at the pool side during a swim meet.
  • Cancellations – If you decide to cancel within the 1st week of practice, you will be refunded all fees. If you cancel during the 2nd week of practice, the swimmer fee minus the family fee will be refunded. If you cancel during the 3rd week of practice or later, you will not receive a refund.